XMAS Crossover Event Guide

3 min readDec 25, 2023


Claim Your Loot from Santa’s Sack!

Get ready for Aphelium’s Winter Wonderland, starting December 27th 6 PM UTC! Our Christmas Crossover with leading WAX projects like Novopangea, FGL, and more, brings you a snowstorm of rewards and festive fun.

Getting Your Alienoid Plus NFTs:

Partner Giveaways: Each project has unique ways to distribute Alienoid Plus NFTs. Check out their Discord servers for tasks and contests.

Here are the announced ones:

Novopangea: Find them in the Creature Farm. Send creatures to gather resources and possibly discover Alienoid+ NFTs.

Thrive on Mars: Follow, like, RT, and comment with your wallet address https://twitter.com/thriveonmars/status/1735027068222492838

FGL: NFTs added to the Mecha World Questing pool. Quest in Mecha World for a chance to find them.

Realm NFT: Participate in their bounty https://wax.contest.bountyblok.io/contest/c63ce432-6692-456b-b559-a24928de57d4

Check out Alien Worlds, WAX Deers, Blockchain Brawlers, Pixel Journey, Rada Quest for more info about how to get your alienoid plus NFTs!

Craft or Trade NFTs:

If you don’t win an NFT, you can craft them in-game using resources or purchase them from the secondary market.

Battle Unique Christmas Bosses: Use your Alienoid Plus NFTs in the astronaut-events channel to challenge bosses from different WAX projects, don’t forget that your astronaut has to be awake and alienoid plus NFTs should be in your game /inventory.

You need to /start the game to get the NFTs in your inventory! Type /start in the #playhere channel. This sets up your game profile. Link your wallet and Discord on our official website. It’s free — no fees involved!

After you create your profile, burn the alienoid plus NFTs from the website, atomichub or nefty to get them in your bag.

DO NOT burn before creating the game account or the NFTs will be lost.

Event Mechanics:

Daily Bosses: Each project’s alien boss is available for 24 hours.

Limited Attempts: Battle each boss twice with a 12-hour cooldown. Resurrection Option: Missed a boss? Use ‘seducer perfume’ to re-challenge within the 24-hour window.

Rewards & Prizes:

Guaranteed Loot for Participation: Earn AP, GXP, Reputation Points, Sunlight Serum (+10 energy when consumed), and Friendship Points for every battle.

Lucky Draws:

Stand a chance to win exclusive NFTs from the featured project, plus rare in-game items like crystal berries and dravocados.

Get ready for a festive journey across the Aphelium planet. It’s more than just winning; it’s about celebrating together in the spirit of the season. Join the Christmas Crossover and let the snowfall of prizes begin!