Understanding Sticker NFTs and Blendables!

2 min readOct 7, 2023

Sticker NFTs: Your Key to Exclusive Rewards

Aphelium isn’t just any game; it’s an ecosystem. Built on the principle of rewarding community participation, your every click and interaction have value in this expansive universe.

How to Get Them:

  • 🌟 Monthly Zealy Events: For every 100 points you gather, earn 1 Sticker NFT. Not dependent on leaderboard position!
  • 🔄 Trade: Acquire from other players via secondary markets.
  • Other NFT prizes for leaderboard triumphs are a big bonus!

Note: Our team doesn’t sell Sticker NFTs. They’re NFTs to be earned or traded!

Blendables: Exclusive & Enchanting Items

Blend your Sticker NFTs and unlock magical utilities in your cosmic adventure!

1. Claim Tickets

  • ✨ Utility: Retrieve lost items from Oracle on land zero.
  • 🔄 Get Them By: Atomizing 1 Sticker NFT to receive 5 claim tickets.

Visit Land 0 to use.

2. Cosmic Espresso

  • ✨ Utility: Instantly recharge energy but beware of addiction mechanism for balanced play!
  • 🔄 Get Them By: Blending 2 Sticker NFTs.

Burn to get in your inventory and /consume to use!

3. Lucky Charm

  • ✨ Utility: Boosts chances by 30% to work on rare+ land.
  • 🔄 Get Them By: Blending 30 Sticker NFTs.

Equip to use! DO NOT BURN!

Note: Limited-edition! Available to only 100 players. No durability constraints!

4. Upgraded Bags

  • ✨ Utility: Increase your item storage capacity, additional perks soon to come!
  • 🔄 Get Them By: Blend 5 Sticker NFTs with 2 identical basic bags.

Unpack on nefty and equip to use. DO NOT BURN!

5. Enhanced Chests

  • ✨ Utility: Increase your item storage capacity, additional perks soon to come!
  • 🔄 Creation: Mix designated Sticker NFTs with 2 matching basic chests.

Unpack on nefty and stake on your land to use. DO NOT BURN!

Aphelium: The Discord Planet Where You Play, Engage, Earn!

The game is based upon the development of sections of land on an unexplored planet somewhere in the universe. Within these sections players will find plenty of resources used to produce food, metals, items and buildings. All of which you can use to improve your very own land NFT!

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