Understanding $AFG, XP, Grind Market!

2 min readOct 7, 2023

This is where your engagement pays off — literally.

1. XP Evolution & $AFG Introduction

  • Status Symbol: Levels are still there, primarily as a badge of honor.
  • XP’s New Role: Alongside earning Energy Badges, XP now becomes Astral Fragments or $AFG. Think of XP as both your experience and currency.
  • Hello, Chappie! Probot’s taking a break. Meet Chappie, your new guide to earning chat XP.

2. Dive into the Grind Market 🛍️

  • The Currency: Every chat, every interaction, earns you $AFG, one-to-one with XP.
  • Spending Your $AFG: Found something you like? Purchase items with different $AFG values, reflecting rarity and utility. Your level stays intact.
  • Stay Fresh: Watch out for seasonal rotations of exclusive items, keeping the grind exciting.
  • Strategic Spending: Plan your purchases. Will it be the rare item today or saving for next month’s big reveal?

3. Astral Cards & Special Treasures

  • Astral Cards: Want a secure place for your $AFG? Get to level 25 in chat and level 10 in-game, then send your application. Once approved, an Astral Card, an NFT, gets minted to your wallet.

Even while you’re waiting on your astral debit cards, your XP aka $AFG isn’t floating away into a black hole. It’s safe, sound, you’ll just have to wait a bit to spend it.

  • Exclusive Treasures: Eyeing that rare totems? It’s a Grind Market special, giving you unique in-game perks. Such items aren’t just rare, they add zest to your gameplay.
  • All-Inclusive Rewards: From common lands vital for gameplay to unique items, we ensure dedicated players can unlock the entire game experience.

Ways to Boost Your $AFG Balance Besides Chatting:

Minor bug spotted? That’s 250 XP.
Found a medium glitch? 500 XP is yours.
Unearthed a major flaw? Enjoy a whopping 1K XP.

  • Event Enthusiast: Engage in events for direct $AFG rewards or score multipliers for specific durations.
  • Secondary Claims: Use the secondary market and every WAX spent gives you 2 $AFG.

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